It’s now a worldwide phenomenon. While the origin of the term “420” is debatable, there is no doubt that what once started as an underground code for friends to share a few puffs has morphed into a movement, celebrating the marijuana culture as a whole and symbolizing how far the industry has come.

The Denver “420 Rally” in Civic Center Park on April 19th and 20th promises again, to be the biggest rally in history, and arguably it’s most important. While Washington State has floundered in their attempts to create a robust regulatory infrastructure to govern the industry, Colorado has taken aggressive steps to ensure the marijuana industry realizes its potential in a credible, responsible manner.

Colorado is the epicenter of the industry and all eyes will be on Denver on 4/20/14.

Recognizing the need to make 420 movement more accessible to the public, 420 Events has agreed to produce this year’s rally, and has created a plan that not only celebrates how far the industry has come, but recognizes the challenges that still remain.

“While this year’s rally is still a celebration of the marijuana culture and a protest against the federal prohibition against its use. Our goal is to create a positive environment for users to share stories, learn about the industry and create informed opinions on the remaining issues facing the industry”, said Miguel Lopez, original founder and emcee of the Denver 420 Rally.

Attendees of 2014 “420 Rally” will be treated to an array of national music acts, speeches from leading authorities within the industry, a food market championing alternative marijuana products as well as a local artists pavilion. Unlike past years, this year’s event will feel less like doing something wrong while your parents look the other way, and more like a celebration of how grass roots organizing can effect change.

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