2014 Rally

As for the 2014 420 Rally, it is still scheduled for April 19th, 10am 2014. Miguel Lopez has received criticism by Denver City Councilman Charlie Brown about the political aspect as it has been legalized.

Charlie Brown wants everyone to believe that Amendment 64 fixed all the issues would be misleading to the people. It is clear that the prohibition is still affecting fellow American’s in our surrounding states and our brothers and sisters in other countries where it is punishable by a life of incarceration or death. By continuing to punish the people affected by the prohibition, it is preventing equal business opportunities in the state of Colorado.

Also with the idea that gang violence is associated with prohibition is known, however we have seen a recent rise in gang violence with the legalization of marijuana.

This is why we must continue to fight for our right to be treated equally and given an equal opportunity.

For more information on a detailed account on what happened at the meeting, feel free to contact us or stay tuned on the blog.

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