Q: What is the 420 Rally?

A: Historically, the 420 Rally has been held to generate support for the legalization of marijuana. Today the event marks a celebration of legal status for its use in Colorado and our launch of an exciting new experience for those attending.

Q: If marijuana is legal in Colorado, why is there still a Rally?

A: We are evolving the Rally into a one-of-a-kind festival including music acts, art installations, speakers, vendors and more. However, we still need to keep the topic of legalized marijuana at the forefront while various political and social issues are explored, discussed and resolved not only in Colorado but nationwide.

Q: How has the Rally changed for 2014?

A: We have an exciting line-up of well-known national and local music acts. We also have invited top area artists who will display their works. Finally, we have secured some amazing speakers and brought in a number of food and merchandise vendors all in an effort to make this event appealing to a broad range of people across the state and throughout the region.

Q: Who is the new management?

A: We are bringing in a top-level team to ensure the 420 Rally becomes the premier event of its kind in America. Our team includes event producers, financial experts, industry veterans and local investors.

Q: Is Miguel Lopez still involved? If so, how?

A: Yes, Miguel is still involved. The fact is, this is still his event. He is serving as an emcee and managing what happens on the Greek Stage in Civic Center Park.

Q: Is the Rally safe to attend?

A: The entire festival area will be fenced in with controlled entrance points where people will be screened in much the same way as they are when going to a Rockies game or a concert at Red Rocks. We are working with the Denver Police Department and other law enforcement agencies on further event logistics. Additionally, we have hired a security team that knows Denver well and has handled a number of high-profile events in and around the city.

Q: Will I be subjected to a pat-down?

A: The screening at our entrances will be much like that experienced at a major sporting or music event.

Q: Is parking going to be a problem?

A: Downtown is always busy on the weekend. We are encouraging carpooling and the use of public transportation.

Q: Will the ritual of lighting up at 4:20 p.m. on 4/20 continue?

A: It is illegal for people to smoke marijuana outside of a private residence and therefore participation in this ritual will be discouraged.

Q: Doesn’t this event put the city in the awkward position of having to look the other way when people light up?

A: We are working diligently with the city to put on a safe event that closely adheres to all requests, permits and rules. It also is important to note that contrary to popular notions, not all marijuana is smoked.

Q: How will you prevent underage smoking?

A: This festival really is aimed at adults. It is illegal for people under the age of 21 to possess and/or use marijuana. We support that law.

Q: What are you doing to protect children and discourage underage use?

A: The industry as a whole in Colorado has been very responsible with regard to discouraging underage use. Current laws mandate child-proof packaging, where shops can be located, on-site security, testing and more. We acknowledge the concerns around underage use and continue to advocate for smart regulations that ensure the safety of our children.

Q: Isn’t this just going to be a big group of stoners wrecking our park and the city’s image?

A: No. The Rally is first and foremost an educational and celebratory event. We are hoping to attract a broad range of people by offering well-known music acts, art installations, great speakers and cool vendors making the entire event more of a festival. The bottom line is this event will generate thousands of dollars in revenue for the city of Denver.

Q: Doesn’t this event promote drug use?

A: No. The festival-like atmosphere we are hoping to create through hosting national music acts, a marketplace and food vendors makes it an experience much more like that found at the Taste of Colorado or the Warped Tour. The event also generates significant revenue for the city and the state.

Q: What is the background of the 420 Rally?

A: In addition to celebrating the marijuana culture, the heart of the 420 Rally has been to shine a light on the political matters surrounding marijuana use and help citizens understand how they can become more politically active to better protect their rights. The Rally also serves as a way to integrate marginalized communities, particularly people of color and the poor. Just because marijuana use is legal now does not mean the fight is over. Marijuana will become a major issue in many upcoming elections at the state and local level. This year’s Rally will elevate the discussion about who is running and his/her stance on the marijuana industry. We also will honor activists and advocates who have been involved in the cause since before 2008.