F.L. aka Fdot, was born in Chicago, IL, a city known for hustlers who get it in the streets. The city has been well publicized in the media as of late, with the emergence of new artist like Chief Keef, and of course Kanye West, but also for the countless acts of violence that have plagued the city in recent years. Having moved to Denver, CO in his youth, He’s now calls Denver his home. The real name of the Denver rapper FL is Jayce Cabell. FL has been creating music since 1998 in a now prehistoric, crudely built home studio, and showed his hunger for battles early, in which he usually dominated. He solidified himself in the streets and then helped found a clique, called “Ace Gang” which fueled his drive to create, and drastically increase his own potential for star power. Ace Gang proved to make good music, but due to tumultuous times for other members of the gang, FL had to put things on hold. While things rapidly restructured themselves before his eyes, FL did not release music or perform at any events. However, in ‘07-‘08, with renewed faith in life, in music, and a new baby boy on the way, He became a founding member of “The Foodchain”.

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